Richard Perry
Experience, Common Sense, Leadership, Compassion
Thank You

Thank You

I would like to personally congratulate Toni Sharp and Stan Mills on their re-election.

I also want to extend my thanks to all of the citizens of Rehoboth Beach. I have been enriched by all of the wonderful people I met who offered me advice and input on important issues in our community. I was happy with the number of people that came out to vote and stopped to engage in conversation despite the heat. I can assure you that I will continue to be involved and I will work diligently to build a more harmonious and better Rehoboth Beach in the future.

I encourage all of our citizens to remain involved, ask questions, provide input and make your voices heard. Most importantly, if you have not done so already, register to vote!

Meet the Candidate

I've been a part of the Rehoboth Beach community for decades and a property owner for more than five years.

I believe that my background qualifies me to be commissioner. My roles as a banking, corporate and securities lawyer, banker, business owner, manager and negotiator over the past 40+ years prepared me to bring to the board of commissioners a businesslike and financial perspective as well as a fresh viewpoint in addressing even the most complicated issues. I will be open-minded. I will listen to your concerns – not just hear words. I will work to improve communications to ensure that you are informed in advance of issues that will be considered so that you can have an opportunity to provide your input.

I want to do my best to build a harmonious and vibrant community in Rehoboth beach. With your help and your support, we can do this together. I need your vote on August 13th, Let me be your choice for a harmonious Rehoboth beach that we will all be proud to call our home.

Before moving to Rehoboth Beach, I was Chief Operating Officer, Managing Member and General Counsel of an SEC-registered investment advisor, several bank holding companies, and an investment banking firm. I previously served as Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, and a partner in several national law firms before founding a small boutique law firm. I specialize in banking, corporate and securities law. I graduated from American International College, Springfield, MA, and received my juris doctor from Suffolk Law School, Boston, MA. I am active in numerous charitable organizations and their boards. I have funded and worked in the US and around the world to rescue children from slavery and young women from sexual exploitation, personally delivered aid to victims of HIV/Aids in Africa, and funded and helped construct housing for homeless children and families in Africa, Guatemala, Mexico and South America.

On the Issues

See where Richard Perry stands on some of Rehoboth's most pressing issues.


Tree Canopy, Power Lines, etc.

Voters' Rights

Requirements, Regulations, etc.

Financial Stability

Long-Term Capital Plan, Spending, etc.


Transparency, Citizen Involvement, etc.


Collection, Ordinances, etc.

In the News

The journey to a harmonious Rehoboth.

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